The Evolution History of Cotemar Company Since its Inception

Cotemar is a Mexican company founded in 1979 as a service provider to the energy sector. Since its inception, Cotemar has been a leading service provider to Petroleos Mexicanos ( Pemex). This is a state-owned petroleum company that was created in 1938 after nationalization of all domestic, private, and foreign oil companies. Cotemar commenced its operations at the Campeche Bay specializing in two strategic market divisions of food services and accommodation and transport vessels. Cotemar continued to strengthen its position as the market leader by introducing specialized vessels for transporting people and materials in 1981.


In 1985, Cotemar continued to expand its market by acquiring its first rig where it provided food and accommodation service.


In 2002, Cotemar Corporation began the exploration of oil after acquiring its own independent oil rig from Pemex Company reaching its optimum oil production level two years later. In 2012, Cotemar in partnership with COSCO launched the construction of two semi-submersible rigs. Specialized crane and maintenance vessels for transporting liquid and solid materials were also purchased in the same year. In 2016, after the completion of the two semi-submersible rigs, Cotemar Company began onshore oil extraction in Atlantis.


Cotemar has continued to improve its infrastructures since its inception. Today, they have invested heavily on modern technology therefore providing high quality services to their customers. Nowadays, they have divided their services through three unique business divisions.

These unique divisions are;

  1. Cotemar construction, engineering, maintenance, and modernization: this unit focuses on modernizing of rigs and processing centers for their clients.
  2. Cotemar accommodation and food services: this unit caters for the food service of rigs and ships operated by Cotemar.

iii.Cotemar specialized maritime vessel services: this unit offers transport solutions and firefighting vessels.

Cotemar Company and all its employees are guided by four fundamental values of integrity, reliability, humility, and innovation. All these values play a vital role in the company’s day to day activities. They help the company move towards achieving its vision and mission.

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