Securus Technologies Now an Integral Part of Crime Prevention

The story about how Securus Technologies became an integral of crime prevention comes from the most unlikely of sources. The prison in our city recently was having issues with violence between inmates and corrections officers. The overcrowded conditions in the jail seemed to spill over in violence towards officers, and it was only getting worse as the months would pass.


To deal better with violence in jail, they began working with Securus Technologies to try to eliminate the problem before it got worse. Securus Technologies developed a telephone monitoring system that would replace the need for officers to be inside a call center listening to the inmates when they were using the house telephones. Now those officers could be on the grounds and up close with the inmates awaiting alerts from the LBS software pertaining to issues concerning drugs, violence, or weapons.


Securus Technologies has been in this business a while, and over those years they have already installed the same call monitoring type systems in thousands of jails. Thanks in part to the success in a drop of violent crimes in the jail, that success began to spill over to outside agencies like the one I am a part of. We were on the hunt for a very dangerous fugitive who was suspected in a number of violent crimes but always seems to be one step ahead of us. This suspect had a huge underground network of friends and family helping keep him out of sight.


One day, the Securus Technologies monitoring system picked up on chatter by an inmate talking about our suspect to his sister. He must have slipped because up to now, she was never on our radar. Days later, we caught our suspect in her house trying to stay off our radar to no avail.


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