Fagali’l Airport – Small In Size But Big In Service

Airports are an important and popular mode of transportation to get from one place to another. Even the small public airports stay busy and see their share of heavy traffic. This even includes foreign airports such as the one on the island of Samoa.

This particular airport – the Fagali’l Airport – is near Apia, the capital of Samoa. For being such a small airport (and having a runway of only 2,198 feet), it is quite busy especially now that tourists are starting to visit Samoa more.

At one point, Fagali’l Airport wasn’t always open to tourists or the public. As per the Samoan government, it was closed in 2005 because of safety concerns and the noise of the airport. It was reopened in 2009 after a scrupulous makeover to accommodate for the community’s safety and peace.

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Now that Fagali’l Airport is open, it has slowly attracted more tourists than before. In order for Fagali’l Airport to satisfy their tourists and travelers, they have a small souvenir and food shop inside the airport plus a larger one across the street. There are also plenty of taxis and buses if the tourists and travelers are in need of them.

Since Fagali’l Airport is a small scale airport, they will continuously run their two airlines according to dohop.com. Because of this, these two airlines – Talofa Airways and Polynesian Airlines – will run their flights only during the day as the larger airports run their flights at night.

In conclusion, as Fagali’l Airport continues to be a small scale airport, it will continue attracting and serving its travelers and tourists while keeping its community happy. This hopefully will attract more travelers and tourists in the future. Although Fagali’l Airport is a small airport on a small island, their effort to accommodate the needs of their customers and community shows just how big of an airport they are – in satisfaction and service.

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