Succeeds to Raise a $20 Million Equity Capital

NexBank is a Dallas-based financial services institution and has recently announced that it completed raising a $20 million equity capital on June 30, 2017. The firm intends to use the proceeds from the initiative raised for its general corporate purposes. At the end of this campaign, NexBank Capital generated more than $220 million worth of equity and debt. This capital raise provides further validation of the institution’s strong financial position and business plan. The addition of capital will allow NexBank to accelerate as it looks forward to enhancing and strengthen its performance.

NexBank Capital has recently released a report on its record levels of consolidated deposits, loans, and assets. Its total assets as of June 30, 2017, was approximately $6.4 billion, which is a significant increase compared to the same period last year. Its total loans and deposits reached $3.9 billion and $5.8 billion respectively compared to $2.5 billion and $2.6 billion respectively for the same period last year. In the first six months of 2017, NexBank Capital recorded an impressive net income growth of $46 million. Its return on average assets and return on average equity were 1.7 percent and 31 percent respectively at the fall of 2017.

About NexBank Capital

Nexbank SSB is a top regional bank, which has been instrumental in the growth of NexBank Capital and has helped it maintain its well-capitalized status. Its risk-based capital ratio and leverage ratio stood at 13.23 percent and 8.20 percent respectively as of June 30th, 2017. Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) recently affirmed NexBank’s investment grade rating as a reflection of its consolidated capital levels. KBRA went ahead to affirm the NexBank’s senior unsecured debt rating of BBB and the unsecured debt ratings and the deposit of NexBank SSB as BBB+, which is a stable outlook. NexBank is an established financial services company that uses three core business approaches, institutional service, mortgage banking, and commercial banking to serve its clients around the world. NexBank Capital specializes in banking and financial services, and its target audiences include corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients across the nation.

Canadian Entrepreneur Louis Chenevert

Louis Chênevert is a prominent Canadian businessman. He has held one of the top business executives position in the world as the CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. This is a position that is earned through hard work and commitment. There is no one of little achievements can be trusted to lead such a multi-billion dollar business. His commitment to success from a young was the greatest motivation he had. He developed a passion for business and entrepreneurship from a young age. He always wanted to make it in life through business, and this came to pass. He has been in big business organizations where he has excelled earning promotions to senior positions. His growth at UTC came after working in companies that were under the conglomerate for some time.

Louis Chênevert kicked off his life in business by attending HEC Montreal School of Business where he earned a degree in Production Management. Armed with his degree, he was ready to kick off his career. He joined General Motors Canada where he worked for 14 years. His experience in the auto industry enabled him to learn the basics of work which he would apply in other job destinations. At GM production was high tech and had been optimized such that in one minute the plant was producing one vehicle. This is a system that needs people with high precision to details since one mistake could lead to hundreds of wastages.

With the experience he had gathered from the auto industry, he was ready to take on a task in the aerospace. In the aerospace, he started by working for Pratt & Whitney Canada. His is subsidiary of the Pratt & Whitney in the U.S. the Canadian factory was dealing with small jet engines. He worked here for a number of years and left a great record. He made innovations which surpassed any other person who has managed the company. He was recognized by a promotion to join the main company in the United States. Here, he also proved his worth and earned promotions until he became the CEO of UTC. Pratt & Whitney is a business under UTC.