Infinity Group Australia : Recognized For Excellence

When Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia in 2013, they had no idea the impact their business would have on people lives. This caught the attention of the Australian Financial Review and earned them a spot on the list at number 58. On July 30, 2018, the partners gladly accepted the honor.


Infinity Group Australia was founded with one purpose in mind and that was to help people get out of their debt faster. This was a problem for everyday Australians and to have some help on how to solve it brought relief. The couple put this company together and hundreds of people were relieved over how fast their financial circumstances changed. Still relatively new with only five years under their belt, Holm and Walker are receiving an award. It was innovative thinking that got them this honor. The Australian Financial Review could not pass up the duo who made dent relief a reality for so many people.


The way that the Australian Financial Review compiles their winning list is consistent with how the industry used the business to solve the problems. They also have a panel of experts from the industry who know what to look for. By looking into Infinity Group Australia reviews, they were able to choose this company to be on their list of award recipients. It was from over 1,000 companies that Infinity Group Australia was chosen which puts them in the 5.8% group. That is remarkable for a company that has only bent in for five years. Learn more:


While accepting the award, Holm made did thank his team for their hard work. This just lets you know that he is appreciative of what everyone in his office is doing to help Milton’s of Australians. It is all about teamwork and no one can do it alone. Helping everyday Australians live on a cash budget to save money is not an easy task but useful in paying down their debt. Home loans and mortgages are important. Paying them off is essential if they want to maintain s decent credit score. This is what Infinity Group Australia provides. With them, a strategy is developed to get people on the right track to financial freedom.


If you are an Australian dealing with debt, you should call Infinity Group Australia. They know what to do. You can have the debt-free life you have always wanted.


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