Neurocore is Treating Through Understanding

Learning about the human body does take some unorthodox paths, like those paths that 2 Italian scientists took in the late 18th-century. Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani tied a frog to an iron fence to see what would happen when lightning struck. This marked the very auspicious beginning of starting to better understand the conduction system in the human body, which we now call neurology.

Although these scientists had differing ideas of what happened when lighting hit and the frog legs contracted, together they would discover something very important. This would eventually lead to the discovery that our brains are made up of millions of neurons, which manipulate chemicals in our bodies to help our brain process electrical activity.

Developing a greater understanding of how the brain works is constantly marching forward, yet we have so very much left to learn. Technology is driving us forward, and with technology like that of the electroencephalogram (EEG) providing a greater view into the brain and giving us greater information on mapping how it works, more neurological feedback is needed.

Neurocore is a company that is using what we have learned so far about how the human brain works to advance treatment of common disorders like ADHD and depression. With the use of small, non-invasive metal discs called electrodes, the EEG is able to pick up on electrical connections and impulses in the brain. This priceless information was used to diagnose epilepsy for many years, although today it is used to detect and treat a host of health issues including the seemingly ubiquitous sleep disorders.

Many doctors likely have a number of great ideas about how to make neuroscience better, yet many are working for large institutions that are not looking to recreate the wheel as much as they are focused on treating disorders. Neurocore is entering a very promising space working with patients having an eclectic mix of neurological-based illnesses, and their work will likely reveal more information, filling in some blanks in current understanding of how the mind works. There is still a lot of territory to cover, but if the preponderance of those in medicine are simply treating illness, however very important that is, little new information can be learned about what is causing these issues. Neurocore is in a very promising position.

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