The Passionate Pioneer and Innovator of Healthcare – Jeffrey Aronin

How did Jeffrey Aronin become a pioneer and innovator? He started his career after earning a bachelors degree from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from DePaul University. He developed a passion for helping patients while shadowing a physician. The physician had a major treatment decision to make concerning a child who suffered with seizures. Should the treatment be surgery or medicine? The doctor decided to use medicine. This decision opened Jeffery Aronin’s mind to the power of pharmaceuticals. This passion has fueled his innovative journey. In 2000, Jeffrey Aronin made his first major move as CEO and founder of his startup Ovation Pharmaceuticals, LLC. He created the company to focus on patients with rare or neglected diseases. The company was purchased by Lundbeck in 2009 for $900 million. Jeffrey stayed on board as president and CEO to oversee the transition. Today, Jeffrey Aronin serves as chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Unlike most biomedical companies whose focus is on the next great thing, Jeffrey’s patient-focused vision has earned him the title of pioneer. Paragon has invested in several other companies which includes Castle Creek Pharma, Harmony Biosciences, Skyline Biosciences, and Emalex Biosciences. Jeffrey’s staff of scientists have been with him for over 15 years. He credits this as part of his success. His team shares his vision and passion. That vision has placed Paragon and Jeffrey Aronin at the top of the industry. Jeff and his R&D have worked tirelessly to gain approval for 32 novel and new drugs from the FDA. These life changing drugs have changed the lives of many people who otherwise would be forgotten. Insights Care magazine recognized Jeffrey Aronin for his advanced and original ideas in his industry. They also recognized him for creating drugs which could mean the difference between life and death for some patients. Hats off to Jeffrey Aronin – The Passionate Pioneer and Innovator of Healthcare.

Talos Energy Top Places to Work

After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig disaster, everyone knows that the Gulf of Mexico is a major source of America’s energy. Although fracking has helped surpassed it in oil and natural gas production, many oil rigs still operate within the region.nTalos Energy remains committed to making sure that the world has the energy needs to meet its future.

Talos Energy works to promote clean energy as well. Its workers help give back to their community. The company’s commitment goes beyond just giving back to the community. Energy companies, in general, earned a bad reputation after the Deepwater Horizon Incident. Most of this blame goes where it belongs, direct to the British Petroleum Corporation. To help correct the incident, the company decided to improve its relat Energy companiesions with its employees. Talos had no part in the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

The decision worked well. Many companies considered it a good place to work before the changes, now it is one of the top 50 places to work in the United States, and one of the best places to work in the oil and natural gas industry.

The company helps develop and tap into the oil, natural gas and other energy resources available in the Gulf of Mexico area. It helped residents of New Orleans recover after Hurricane Katrina, and more recently it helped people living in Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey. Harvey held hurricane status for only a short time, but the storm stalled over the state. While the storm remained in the state, it dumped over 40 inches of rain in many parts of the state.

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What It’s Like To Be Jose Auriemo Neto and JHSF

Every year, the Business of Fashion magazine releases their annual list of the top 500 movers and shakers within the world of fashion and trends. And yet again, Jose Auriemo Neto and JHSF have made that list. This year’s list obviously presented many big names but the biggest from Brazil was certainly Jose Auriemo Neto and JHSF.

The much-lauded CEO was honored at a gala banquet in New York City, a dinner that was presented by the English-written magazine itself. There was no shortage of celebrities in attendance either.

While Jose is not a fashion designer per se, he has undoubtedly made a huge impact in the world of fashion by way of his designing and building the luxury mall known as Cidade Jardim. This mall houses retail stores of many famous brand name fashion labels such as Rene Caovilla, Pucci, Hermes, Valentino, and Brunello Cuccinelli.

José Auriemo Neto is widely hailed as the most prominent real estate developers in Brazil and one of the most prominent in the entire world. He is considered to be the person responsible for introducing Brazil to the fashion icons Hermes and Jimmy Choo.

It is no wonder that José Auriemo Neto is consistently honored within the industry that he devotes so much time to promote. He is known as a truly stellar gentleman and someone who goes out of their way to make sure that everything will always be okay in the Brazilian world of fashion.

Herbalife Helps You Achieve Your Goals Today

Being healthy and active is a major factor along with a good diet and nutrition for longevity and healthy living. Herbalife is a nutrition and supplement company that stands by its products and has a proven track record of success in helping individuals achieve their goals.


Herbalife is a top-notch international company that has been in the nutrition and supplement industry since 1980. Herbalife employs over 8000 people worldwide and is used by professional athletes and celebrities. With a reputation like that there’s no doubt that Herbalife can help anyone achieve their diet and exercise goals.


The three main aspects to being healthy and fit regard exercise, nutrition/diet, and recovery. Herbalife fully understands this and has developed several products and platforms to help any individual achieve their desired goals regardless of that individual’s current fitness or health level.

Nutrition and diet is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle and is often the most difficult to control. Luckily, Herbalife has various products to keep your diet in check regardless of the type of lifestyle you live. A Herbalife distributor near you can help you understand which products would fit best for you and your lifestyle. Herbalife has it all from delicious protein shakes full of top quality protein, to fruit smoothie mixes that give you that boost of energy throughout the day when you need it the most. Whether you need to replace a meal or add to your current diet Herbalife can help.


Herbalife has developed many products aimed towards recovery and exercise performance including pre and post workout supplements that will kickstart your way to recovery and pre-bedtime supplements that help build results while you sleep. Additionally, Herbalife offers a large community of support on their websites which is geared towards providing the motivation and information needed to keep going forward on your quest to healthiness. Along with their top quality supplements, Herbalife offers online support through blog posts, workout programs and online coaching that motivate individuals to keep striving and living healthy.


A healthier lifestyle is just a click away, explore Herbalife and all it can offer you. Spend some time emerging yourself in Herbalife’s community hub and discover what Herbalife has already done for so many people and what Herbalife can do for you today to start achieving those goals you’ve always wanted.


Betsy DeVos: Political But Pragmatic

Being pragmatic has fallen out of vogue in some circles these days. It seems that everyone just wants their own opinion heard and doesn’t want to give an inch to the other side of an argument. This is not true of our Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. She is actually the rare breed in Washington that is perfectly happy listening to those with opinions that differ from her own. She is not even afraid to do things a bit differently from the way the President does them.


Not A Wave Maker, But Self-Assured


Betsy DeVos is not one for wanting her name splashed around in the news a whole lot. She will speak up and make the points that she feels she needs to make when necessary, but her overarching goal is not to shout down other speakers or get people riled up. She would much rather work to accomplish the goals that she has set out for herself. She is results driven to the point of not caring if the media thinks that she is something that she isn’t.


How Did She Get To This Position In The First Place?


A big part of the reason why Betsy DeVos is in the job that she is in now is because she has nearly always reached her goals. When she set out to make charter schools more mainstream in the education system of the United States, she did just that. When she and her husband wanted to defeat a proposed multi-sports center in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, they did that too. These successes built up over time and helped her stand out in a field of people who could have been selected as Secretary of Education.


The nomination process for her was a controversial one to say the least. She did just squeak by via a tie-breaking vote in the Senate cast by Vice-President Mike Pence. However, she did finally reach this pinnacle in her career, and many believe that she is just now getting started.


What Is To Come Next?


It is never easy to say what is going to happen next in politics, particularly during the Trump-era. However, it does seem likely that Betsy DeVos and her allies are going to continue to strive for charter school reforms as well as a number of other legislative agenda items that they have on their wish list. She is likely to do so while causing as little stir as she possibly can.


The entire face of the educational system is very much up for grabs at this moment in time. We just don’t know what is about to happen, but it is going to be an interesting ride.


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Marc Beer: Renovia’s CEO is Assisting in Treating Urinary Inconsistency

In 2016, Marc Beer and other like-minded individuals co-founded Renovia Inc., a medical technology company that was developed with the sole purpose of developing drugs that will help to manage or eliminate pelvic floor disorders such as urinary inconsistency. The company was formed with the sole purpose of using advanced technological approaches that would assist in solving this problem once and for all among a significant number of women around the world, which is currently estimated to be more than two hundred and fifty million. Offering modern approaches that will provide therapeutic measures to these challenges will help in rehabilitating elderly women who have for a more extended period struggled to deal with pelvic floor disorders.


After securing $32 million from well-wishers and $10 million on debenture debt, the organization decided to go ahead and engage in mass production of the drugs that have already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is important to highlight that a significant number of company products have already been passed and are just waiting for mass production and commercialization. However, a large number of the company products are on different stages of development, which means that a significant amount of funds will be directed towards further testing and enhancement of such drugs.


The company has sufficient knowledge that a large number of people are in need of drugs that will help in managing or treating pelvic floor disorders. It is believed that the company is engaged in a project that will help in solving a problem that is affecting millions of individuals around the globe. Marc Beer is fascinated by the new project and is very grateful that a significant number of healthcare investors are sharing the vision of Renovai Inc., which is geared towards helping a large number of individuals around the country and abroad. Treating or managing urinary inconsistency will be a lifetime achievement for the company as there no other medical technology companies that have helped in solving this problem.


One of the main aspirations of the company is to combine innovative technology with advanced sensor innovations, which will play a vital role in diagnosing pelvic floor disorders. The company wants to build an online platform where individuals experiencing pelvic floor disorders can access much data about their challenges where they can also choose the best treatment option. If people experiencing these challenges can have additional information about the problems and select the best treatment option, they will significantly minimize the overall cost of treatment by choosing an affordable but reliable option. Marc Beer will offer significant support at this stage and will prove critical to the success of the company at these initial stages. His more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry will prove beneficial to the company both in short and long term. Learn more :