The Impact of Jose Auriemo Neto as the President of JHSF Company

JHSF is a renowned and reputable public company that majors in airport, shopping mall investments as well as hotels. This real estate enterprise is meant for luxury. Only the high-income earners can shop from it. JHSF headquarters are in Brazil. It holds more than 1000 employees. Jose Auriemo and Fabio established this company. JHSF was found in the year 1972 and stands to be a one-stop real estate business performing company. This company manages and promotes hotels, airports and other direct investment resources into the company.

This company has managed to handle various projects which offer multiple solutions to market issues. JHSF has been able to penetrate to some of the great cities in the globe such as Manus, Salvador as well as Sao Paulo with the intention of expanding the territory of their operations. The key interests of this company are innovativeness in conjunction with quality service delivery. The expert team set to monitor the time framework of the business venture objective stands with the fact that investing in technology is the only way out to be stable in the highly competitive markets. JHSF is divided into four key units. These units are Airport, Shopping Centre, Hotel and Restaurants, JHSF has been the leading company in the Bovespa segment while it was 42 years since its establishment.

Jose Auriemo Neto serves as the JHSF President. He rose to the leadership of the company after his father’s death. He took over the control of the company. At 27 years of age, Jose Auriemo Neto was in control of the seniors’ level duties in this company. He always worked towards having a high-income enterprise ever since his childhood. He brought in great development at the age of 17 years. He had excellent leadership skills that are considered critical for the benefit of the firm. It was through his leadership that the company managed to make some great accomplishments such as the establishment of Cidade Jardim Complex which reflects the majority stake in Fasano. It’s through dedication that Jose Auriemo Neto managed to raise JHSF to its current position.

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