Trabuco Extinction

Gunpowder took the place of many weapons that many people had not heard of when it was created. When gunpowder was created, people had a weapon available to them that was able to do a whole lot more damage than the weapons they had been accustomed to using. Switching from their old weapons to a new faster weapon did not require them to think long and hard. Even still today as a new weapon becomes available old ones go into retirement and are replaced by weapons that will get the job done quicker. One weapon that is no longer around is the Trabuco.

The Trabuco is an ancient siege weapon that originated in China. Once the Chinese were ready to put the weapon up for sale, they sold it to the Arabs in the Middle East. When the Arabs received the weapons, they realized that the weapon had many flaws. They redesigned trabuco to function in a more beneficial way. After they made the changes and liked the work that they had done, they took the weapon to Europe to sell to the Europeans.


The Europeans were taken aback by the weapon. They were stunned by the amount of power the weapon had and the damage that it could potentially do. Trabuco was able to fire four shots per minute which were more than what they felt they needed to get a victory at the time. The machine required a number of people to operate it, but it still got the job done. Almost anything could be fired off of the weapon although commonly stones were fired. The Trabuco did a lot of damage in Europe during the Crusades according to Although the weapon did a lot of damage, it was not able to compare to gunpowder that had become available.

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