Betsy DeVos: Political But Pragmatic

Being pragmatic has fallen out of vogue in some circles these days. It seems that everyone just wants their own opinion heard and doesn’t want to give an inch to the other side of an argument. This is not true of our Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. She is actually the rare breed in Washington that is perfectly happy listening to those with opinions that differ from her own. She is not even afraid to do things a bit differently from the way the President does them.


Not A Wave Maker, But Self-Assured


Betsy DeVos is not one for wanting her name splashed around in the news a whole lot. She will speak up and make the points that she feels she needs to make when necessary, but her overarching goal is not to shout down other speakers or get people riled up. She would much rather work to accomplish the goals that she has set out for herself. She is results driven to the point of not caring if the media thinks that she is something that she isn’t.


How Did She Get To This Position In The First Place?


A big part of the reason why Betsy DeVos is in the job that she is in now is because she has nearly always reached her goals. When she set out to make charter schools more mainstream in the education system of the United States, she did just that. When she and her husband wanted to defeat a proposed multi-sports center in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, they did that too. These successes built up over time and helped her stand out in a field of people who could have been selected as Secretary of Education.


The nomination process for her was a controversial one to say the least. She did just squeak by via a tie-breaking vote in the Senate cast by Vice-President Mike Pence. However, she did finally reach this pinnacle in her career, and many believe that she is just now getting started.


What Is To Come Next?


It is never easy to say what is going to happen next in politics, particularly during the Trump-era. However, it does seem likely that Betsy DeVos and her allies are going to continue to strive for charter school reforms as well as a number of other legislative agenda items that they have on their wish list. She is likely to do so while causing as little stir as she possibly can.


The entire face of the educational system is very much up for grabs at this moment in time. We just don’t know what is about to happen, but it is going to be an interesting ride.


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