Jeremy Goldstein Knows What He’s Talking About

Business lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is the top advisor to many of New York’s largest companies. Corporations headquartered in other states often send representatives to meet with Jeremy Goldstein and hear what he has to say. What he’s talking these days is employee benefits and choosing the right compensation method.

Over the last few years, more and more corporations are eliminating traditional stock options and awarding their employees with other types of benefits. While every company has the right to choose their compensation method, Jeremy Goldstein doesn’t think it’s a good idea for everyone to get rid of stock options.

Some companies profit from providing stock options to their employees. They’re ignoring the obvious advantages due to their employees wanting different benefits. Sometimes, it’s the companies itself that want to eliminate stock options and offer something less complicated, which is starting to back for some.

As more corporations drop stock options, they’re replacing them with equities. While equities seem like the logical choice rather than stock options, recent IRS rules might make providing equities harder than providing stock options. Others choose to pay their employees higher salaries or wages, which creates a huge imbalance between employees.

Stock options offer a level of equivalency that other benefits can’t offer, a bonus many corporations forget. Also, stock options make employees personally vested in the company’s success. If the company performs well, their stocks are worth more. This makes employees work harder to satisfy current customers and innovate to attract new customers.

Taking all of that into account, it’s no wonder why Jeremy Goldstein wants more corporations to continue providing stock options. It’s also important that they choose the right kind of stock option. Goldstein recommends they use “knockout” stock options, which has all the benefits of their counterpart with fewer risks.

Regardless of his opinion, it’s important that every corporation talks with their accountant to determine the best course of action. Not every compensation method works well for every enterprise. If any of them do decide to change their current method, Goldstein suggests they wait at least six months before offering anything.

If anyone’s wondering who Jeremy Goldstein, he’s a partner at his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He’s been in the legal advisory business for more than 15 years and played major roles in transactions for clients like Verizon, AT&T, Bank One, and Merck. Learn more:

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Jeremy Goldstein; A Voice For All Employees

Publicly traded companies are ones that have public shareholders as the decision makers of the company. These companies are influenced by the money injected into them by these shareholders. Most of them, therefore, as stipulated by the laws, participate in stock exchange options which have proven to be a very credible source of income generation. This has boosted revenue turnovers in these companies. Some of these companies have given its employees the chance to access and trade stock options of the companies they work for.


However, with recent changes and developments in insider trading and other corporate vices, companies have toned down the idea to involve employees in their stock trading options. Factors that have led to this directive include; employers have started being scared of the fact that during economic hardships, the stock options held by these employees may be rendered “useless” and thus will have the same effect on the company as a whole. Another one is that, when these stock options fail or are trading at a meager price, constant factors like expenses are still incurred and thus may negatively impact the organization.


Then there is the conflict of accounting and stock options. Stock options are tough to explain. Again, employees prefer other compensation schemes such as salaries and remuneration and thus many would rather prefer that to stock options.


However, there are some benefits of employees trading in stock options, which include; focus is shifted to the company and thus an employee can be able to put the company first because his/her effort will dictate his/her earnings too. Another one is the obvious boost in earnings, of course only when the stock options are trading healthy. An organization that had employees trading in stock options is at an advantage because of its ability to hold stocks when things are not so good.


Jeremy Goldstein is an American attorney who specialized in employee benefits. He is a leader in this niche as he has amassed an immense wealth of experience spanning over fifteen years. Over the years, he has had the fortune of starting his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein LLC, a firm that has dedicated its operations to advise multinational on compensation schemes. Some of the companies with his footprints include; Duke Energy, AT&T, automobile giant, Chevron, Verizon among others. He has also affiliated with the boards of governance of various companies which include Fountain House among many others.


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