Marc Beer: Renovia’s CEO is Assisting in Treating Urinary Inconsistency

In 2016, Marc Beer and other like-minded individuals co-founded Renovia Inc., a medical technology company that was developed with the sole purpose of developing drugs that will help to manage or eliminate pelvic floor disorders such as urinary inconsistency. The company was formed with the sole purpose of using advanced technological approaches that would assist in solving this problem once and for all among a significant number of women around the world, which is currently estimated to be more than two hundred and fifty million. Offering modern approaches that will provide therapeutic measures to these challenges will help in rehabilitating elderly women who have for a more extended period struggled to deal with pelvic floor disorders.


After securing $32 million from well-wishers and $10 million on debenture debt, the organization decided to go ahead and engage in mass production of the drugs that have already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is important to highlight that a significant number of company products have already been passed and are just waiting for mass production and commercialization. However, a large number of the company products are on different stages of development, which means that a significant amount of funds will be directed towards further testing and enhancement of such drugs.


The company has sufficient knowledge that a large number of people are in need of drugs that will help in managing or treating pelvic floor disorders. It is believed that the company is engaged in a project that will help in solving a problem that is affecting millions of individuals around the globe. Marc Beer is fascinated by the new project and is very grateful that a significant number of healthcare investors are sharing the vision of Renovai Inc., which is geared towards helping a large number of individuals around the country and abroad. Treating or managing urinary inconsistency will be a lifetime achievement for the company as there no other medical technology companies that have helped in solving this problem.


One of the main aspirations of the company is to combine innovative technology with advanced sensor innovations, which will play a vital role in diagnosing pelvic floor disorders. The company wants to build an online platform where individuals experiencing pelvic floor disorders can access much data about their challenges where they can also choose the best treatment option. If people experiencing these challenges can have additional information about the problems and select the best treatment option, they will significantly minimize the overall cost of treatment by choosing an affordable but reliable option. Marc Beer will offer significant support at this stage and will prove critical to the success of the company at these initial stages. His more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry will prove beneficial to the company both in short and long term. Learn more :