Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur Like Robert Deignan

One of the most important factors to the success of an entrepreneur is his set of habits. After all, humans are creatures of habits. Sometimes, habits are intentionally formed as routines. Each person has some good habits and bad habits. It is up to the person to find the right types of habits that help him be productive. One example of a person that has habits that make him productive is Robert Deignan. He has started a successful business in the Anti-Malware industry. He talks about his habits when he goes on interviews on various mediums. His habits are surprisingly simple.

One habit that Robert Deignan talks about when it comes to his career is believing in what he is doing. This is actually a large factor to success. A person that does not believe in what he is doing in some cases is going to fail, especially if he is an honest person. There are certain people that are just not going to do what they don’t believe in. In the case of Robert Deignan, he looks at what he is doing for the clients. He believes that he is working for a great cause so that the clients will be able to enjoy their devices and their connections.

Another idea he talks about is time management. He understands that time is very valuable. Therefore, it is important to make sure that one finds a way to manage his time in the best way possible. In his time, he gives ideas and run tests on certain cases so that he can make sure that what is being proposed is going to work. The Anti-Malware industry is a very important industry. Therefore, the client has to be satisfied and sufficiently served so that he can continue to use his device while being safe and secure.



How Rick Shinto Is Leading InnovaCare Health

Puerto Rico has been through a lot recently. From natural disasters to basic population concerns the island is having, InnovaCare Health has been a staple part of helping the island move forward. Dr. Rick Shinto is the president and CEO of InnovaCare Health. His mission is to make sure his company does everything in their power to help the island with its health concerns. The outreach program’s efforts have noticed the need for helping people get out of poverty, inadequate housing and unstable transportation. These three factors do relate to health. By improving these three issues, the health of the people will improve.


The CEO is putting a lot of effort on improving poverty and lack of shelter and transportation because when patients come to the InnovaCare Clinic if they have an unhealthy diet at home, in fact no place to even call their home and no transportation to continue to be seen by a doctor or get their medication then everything the clinics are working to achieve goes to waste. Two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit the island the healthcare company was already out on food delivering food and medicines. Clinics were popping up where local medical practices and hospitals had been destroyed. Mobile clinics went out into the parts of the island that are still without power to aid those people living there. Medicaid and Medicare fund the efforts of InnovaCare Health. The company has professional making home health visits. These visits consist of giving out supplies to the needy.


The company’s chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides had a meeting with President Donald Trump. She discussed the good works her company is doing for the island. She also talked numbers with the President. She debated on the fact that there needs to be a huge increase of financial aid for Medicare towards the relief work in Puerto Rico. Also, the topic of working women in healthcare was brought up. This was a major topic and a crucial advancement for the healthcare industry. After the meeting, it was released that positive and favorable adjustments to medical financial aid for Puerto Rico would be carried out.

OSI Industries, Out of the Arches Shadow

OSI Industries is one of the largest meat processing companies in the world. Although it now has production facilities all over the world, it is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, less than thirty miles from where it all started over a century ago. The business was started by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky as a small family shop. He opened his business in 1909 in Oak Park, on the west side of Chicago, in the German quarter. It grew quickly and steadily, and by the end of World War 1, he expanded business into wholesale. The company stayed in the family, and in 1928 was renamed Otto & Sons. It was not until the 1950’s, however, that the partner that would be crucial to OSI Industries future growth and prosperity and they became the primary meat supplier for a new hamburger restaurant called McDonald’s. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

Before opening his franchise chain, Ray Kroc made an agreement, sealed with a handshake, with Otto and Sons to supply all the new franchises meat. As McDonald’s grew so did Otto &sons. With the advent of flash freezing technology in the 60’s, the company was produce more than ever before. In 1973, they opened up their first factory dedicated only to service in the franchise giant. In 1975, the company changed its name to OSI Industries. As McDonald’s spread out to the world, it followed. In the 1980’s and 1990s,’ it began to expand to a worldwide market.

By the end of the twentieth century, OSI Industries had facilities located in countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. With this global success, they moved out of the shadow of Chicago and McDonald’s, and took on new clients such as Starbucks, Papa Johns, Burger King, and Subway. The Chicago based meat supplier is now a force to be recognized with, a dominant player in the international meat supplying industry. The legacy of Otto Kolschowsky, the immigrant who fled Germany for a better life for himself and his family, is genuinely a shining example of someone working hard and achieving the American Dream.

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Trabuco Extinction

Gunpowder took the place of many weapons that many people had not heard of when it was created. When gunpowder was created, people had a weapon available to them that was able to do a whole lot more damage than the weapons they had been accustomed to using. Switching from their old weapons to a new faster weapon did not require them to think long and hard. Even still today as a new weapon becomes available old ones go into retirement and are replaced by weapons that will get the job done quicker. One weapon that is no longer around is the Trabuco.

The Trabuco is an ancient siege weapon that originated in China. Once the Chinese were ready to put the weapon up for sale, they sold it to the Arabs in the Middle East. When the Arabs received the weapons, they realized that the weapon had many flaws. They redesigned trabuco to function in a more beneficial way. After they made the changes and liked the work that they had done, they took the weapon to Europe to sell to the Europeans.

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The Europeans were taken aback by the weapon. They were stunned by the amount of power the weapon had and the damage that it could potentially do. Trabuco was able to fire four shots per minute which were more than what they felt they needed to get a victory at the time. The machine required a number of people to operate it, but it still got the job done. Almost anything could be fired off of the weapon although commonly stones were fired. The Trabuco did a lot of damage in Europe during the Crusades according to estadao.com.br. Although the weapon did a lot of damage, it was not able to compare to gunpowder that had become available.

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Clay Siegal, leading Seattle Genetics to greatness

Seattle Genetics is one of the most promising biotechnical companies in its region. Since its foundation in 1998, scientists at Seattle Genetics have dedicated themselves to developing drugs based on antibodies. These drugs, they say, function like smart bombs. They surround cancerous cells and deliver toxic payloads that make the cell destroy itself from inside.

Seattle genetics has about 11 drugs in the pipeline, four of which are almost ready for market: Adcetris, 33A, 22ME and LIV1. Adcetris has already been approved by the FDA, all that remains is a few more tests then it will be market worthy. For this reason, Seattle Genetics co-founder and CEO, Clay Siegal invests heavily on research and marketing. Mr Siegal hopes that once the drugs are ready, their sale will propel Seattle Genetics from biotech to being a leading pharmaceutical pharmacy. This has resulted in share prices going up and investors rushing in to buy shares.

However, some financial analysts say that the increase in share prices and the investor activity is due to speculation that Seattle Genetics will soon sell out. This has been the trend in the pharmaceutical industry. Many biotech companies sell to big pharmaceutical companies once they develop a drug or two that can be sold to the market. Clay Siegal assured his employees and investors that he has no intention to sell out to any company in the near future. He explained that his dream is to lead Seattle Genetics to become a global multi-product oncology company.

Clay siegal’s success in building Seattle Genetics to become Washington’s biggest biotech is emulating some of the things he learnt from biotech Genentech. Mr Siegal paid close attention to how Art Levinson, one of the founder of biotech Genentech structured the company. He paid close attention to how the committees were structured and run. He implemented some of the principles he learnt in his own company. Unlike most biotech companies, he decided not to focus on only one or two drugs. Like his mentor Art Levinson, he is not putting all his eggs in one basket.

Clay Siegal has guided Seattle Genetics in its fund raising activities and has been able to raise over 6.75 million dollars. Their fund raising activities have enabled them to conduct all their researches and tests. Before founding Seattle Genetics, Mr Siegal worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a scientist for two years.

Michael Lacey prominence in the field of mathematics

Michael Lacey has made a great name for himself in the scholarly world. He is considered one of the brilliant minds in the field of mathematics. He has been involved in various capacities trying to advance the mathematics study to new levels.
Through his lecturer, Walter Philip, Lacey graduated with a Ph.D. IN 1987 from the University of Illinois situated in Urbana Champaign. His doctorate thesis was based on the probability under Banach spaces a mathematical function regarded vector space’s Complete normed of vector space. Later on in his math career, lacey shifted his studies and research to probability, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory.
After receiving his doctorate degree, he joined the University of North Carolina that was based in Chapel Hill and also Louisiana state university. His during his time at the University of North Carolina, he together with Philip managed to solve a mathematical function that proved an almost perfect central limit theorem. The theorem is nowadays used in solving probability problems.
He received a postdoctoral fellowship from a government-owned firm, National science foundation while he was employed at Indiana University. The foundation offers support to students and researchers in several fields including mathematics and social sciences.
Currently, Michael Lacey works as a mathematics professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is also a fellow at the American mathematical society where he contributes to helping improve mathematics and all research carried out within the field.
He was awarded the Salem prize for solving Bilinear Hilbert transform a study that was earlier being done by Alberto Calderon but which he did not finish.

Dr. Mark Mofid Has Big Plans For The Future Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid has been working in the field of plastic surgery for many years and currently has his own practice opened in San Diego, California. Mark takes clients from all over the San Diego and La Jolla areas for all kinds of plastic surgery, including liposuction, facelifts, breast augmentation, and gluteal augmentation. Dr. Mark Mofid’s talented work has earned him a reputable name not only in the United States but around the world. Mark regularly speaks at events and conferences held on plastic surgery all over the nation to discuss his latest ideas and methods.

Mark has always had an interest in the medical field, and once he finally made his way into the industry, he was made aware of the many different problems that were holding it back. As far as plastic surgery goes, many of the current professionals were following the standards laid out decades ago that were not all that effective. Instead of following this same path, Dr. Mark Mofid decided to rise above these old standards and research new and more effective ways to perform plastic surgery.

When Mark first entered the field, he noticed that most of the implants that were used in medical offices around the country were made up of generic materials. These generic materials were not necessarily toxic to the body, but the body did not accept them either. After a while, these implants could cause issues or just become ruined because of their quality. This inspired Mark to develop something new and after a great deal of research and testing, Dr. Mark Mofid develop a low-profile implant that was safe to use in procedures. This accomplishment earned Mark country-wide recognition.

Today, the glute implants that are given to patients from Mark are of the highest quality and give the most natural-looking results. Dr. Mark Mofid’s work has been regarded as some of the best in the country these days due to his near natural looking results. Mark says that this is because he takes every client’s needs into mind and sets limitations for his practice to ensure the safety of each individual. There is rarely a time that reconstructive surgery is needed when a surgery is done by Mark Mofid.


Jeremy Goldstein Knows What He’s Talking About

Business lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is the top advisor to many of New York’s largest companies. Corporations headquartered in other states often send representatives to meet with Jeremy Goldstein and hear what he has to say. What he’s talking these days is employee benefits and choosing the right compensation method.

Over the last few years, more and more corporations are eliminating traditional stock options and awarding their employees with other types of benefits. While every company has the right to choose their compensation method, Jeremy Goldstein doesn’t think it’s a good idea for everyone to get rid of stock options.

Some companies profit from providing stock options to their employees. They’re ignoring the obvious advantages due to their employees wanting different benefits. Sometimes, it’s the companies itself that want to eliminate stock options and offer something less complicated, which is starting to back for some.

As more corporations drop stock options, they’re replacing them with equities. While equities seem like the logical choice rather than stock options, recent IRS rules might make providing equities harder than providing stock options. Others choose to pay their employees higher salaries or wages, which creates a huge imbalance between employees.

Stock options offer a level of equivalency that other benefits can’t offer, a bonus many corporations forget. Also, stock options make employees personally vested in the company’s success. If the company performs well, their stocks are worth more. This makes employees work harder to satisfy current customers and innovate to attract new customers.

Taking all of that into account, it’s no wonder why Jeremy Goldstein wants more corporations to continue providing stock options. It’s also important that they choose the right kind of stock option. Goldstein recommends they use “knockout” stock options, which has all the benefits of their counterpart with fewer risks.

Regardless of his opinion, it’s important that every corporation talks with their accountant to determine the best course of action. Not every compensation method works well for every enterprise. If any of them do decide to change their current method, Goldstein suggests they wait at least six months before offering anything.

If anyone’s wondering who Jeremy Goldstein, he’s a partner at his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He’s been in the legal advisory business for more than 15 years and played major roles in transactions for clients like Verizon, AT&T, Bank One, and Merck. Learn more: http://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/potmsearch/detail/submission/6423046

Securus Technologies Developing Breakthrough Technologies for Corrections Space

The need for correctional firms that provide breakthrough technologies has increased in the last several years, especially with the criminals going high-tech as well and using new and modern ways to carry out their criminal activities. One correctional firm that has made rapid advances in this context is Securus Technologies, which recently announced the launch of two new breakthrough technologies, wireless containment system, and drone detection technology. The company is also known to provide one of the most attentive and responsive customer care services and has also won three Gold Stevie Awards in 2018 for it.


Winning such prestigious award goes on to show the dedication of the company towards its customers. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, believe that constant innovation is what would help the correctional sector become much safer than what it is today. The company has transformed the inmate communication services for the benefits of the inmates, who are now able to talk to their friends and families more frequently while having to pay lesser than before. Securus Technologies is confident that developing new technologies would help in solving the problems that the corrections space is facing currently.


The problem with the correctional facilities these days is that no matter how tough the security measures are implemented, the inmates and the criminals find their way around it. There are many security measures implemented to ensure that the contraband supplies do not find its way inside the prison, but it always ends up inside. In fact, the cases of contraband supplies found inside the prison have increased in the past few years, especially after the introduction of the drone technology.


The drones are unmanned flying objects that are used for recreational as well as for security, surveillance, filming, and other purposes. However, the criminals have found the use of drones in supplying contraband inside the prison. As it is unmanned, chances of corrections officers catching anybody red-handed are next to none. It is a safe way of transporting the contraband items inside the prison.


However, Securus Technologies recently launched the highly awaited drone detection technology. It is a technology that would help the correctional agencies to detect any oncoming drones, even if it is at a distance. The alarm would ring as soon as the drone is detected in or around the prison, and it would help the correctional officers to take the drone out and seize all the contraband materials it would be carrying. Stopping this supply route is essential as it would lead to safety issues for the prison facilities and the inmates.


The inmates depend on the safety provided by the corrections officers, but if some of the inmates can get their hands on weapons through the contraband supplied by drones, it would put lives of many inmates and even officers at stake. Securus Technologies said that also though drone detection technology is currently in the infant stage, the company would leave no stone unturned in continually developing it further. It is what would help in eliminating the use of drones to supply contraband in prison.



Beauty Boss Doe Deere

Any makeup enthusiast is familiar with Lime Crime, the vegan and cruelty-free, brightly pigmented, revolutionary digital makeup brand. Lime Crime was one of the first beauty brands of its kind. It was launched in 2008 and took the internet by storm. The company has made it their mission since day once to create stunning collections of color that pop. They stand by their mission to only make makeup they are obsessed with. Today, the company still sets trends, dominates social platforms and has much success thanks to the CEO and founder Doe Deere.


As a child, Doe Deere was an imaginative child who loved art. She especially loved bright colors. She enjoyed putting color on herself in the form of clothing, accessories and especially her mother’s makeup. This stemmed a makeup desire she would always have and transform into her future career.


The beauty creator began making her own clothing designs. This gave her the idea to make makeup to compliment her outfits. Her love for fairytales and makeup became the foundation of what she wanted Lime Crime to be. She wanted her makeup brand to have an imaginative, fairy-like theme. She chose a unicorn to be the mascot for the brand. Unicorn’s symbolize rarity and individuality. She chose an animal symbol to show the brand’s awareness and compassion towards all animals.


Before Doe Deere had a globally recognized brand, she was a blogger posting about her clothing pieces and makeup tutorials. By posting online, this was how the young artist got her first customer for Lime Crime. She continued promoting and building her online platform for her company. Today, her company has over three million followers on Instagram.


Named by Self-Made magazine one of the top female entrepreneurs, business-minded and artistically gifted, Doe Deere still may be spotted wearing a luminous face of brightly colored makeup. The brand’s name was birthed from Doe Deere simply picking a name off the top of her head. It did relate to her favorite color, bright green, and rhymed as well. She loves having an internet based business. Being online allows her company to have immediate feedback because of social media. However, the entrepreneur does face challenges. Because of the internet it is very easy for people to spread rumors but Doe Deere does not allow the false accusations to get in her way of success.


Doe Deere links her success to listening to people and taking feedback. She uses that feedback to give the customer exactly what they want from Lime Crime. This marketing strategy has led her to much success. Wildly successful, she makes time to contribute to animal charities, which is at the heart of Lime Crime’s mission in makeup.


Doe Deere is an inspirational, creative, brilliant businesswoman. She has created a brand of makeup that makes people feel good and does good by creating products that do not test on animals. With a brilliant leader like this, all makeup lovers know much is still to come from Lime Crime.


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