Tony Petrello Shows His True Cplors As A Philanthropist During Hurricane Harvey

Tony Petrello may not be looked at as Houston’s most popular man, but he should be credited as being one of its most generous. The world will remember when Hurricane Harvey visited the Texas coast and inflicted damage that’s going to be felt for years to come just as Hurricane Katrina is still felt in New Orleans.

Petrello gladly became part of the effort to care for the victims of this hurricane by allowing his employees to take time off to see to the safety of their families, and all who volunteered to clean up the debris were paid for it. Petrello also compensated employees who prepared hot meals for the victims and he even donated over $100,000 to Nabors Industries’ fundraiser to help them out, but this is not the only philanthropy he has participated in.

Nabors Industries owns some of the world’s most advanced oil drilling technologies, and Tony Petrello has spearheaded the company’s investments into that technology as well as accruing large offshore rig stations. He serves as both CEO and Chairman for the company, an honor he’s held since 2011. Prior to that, he was Chief Operating Officer from 1991 to 2011, and before joining Nabors Industries he was partner associate at Baker & McKenzie law firm for 13 years. He specialized in corporate transactions, tax compliance and investment laws while serving at the firm, and he had received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advanced mathematics and his J.D. at Harvard Law School prior to joining the firm.

The most important people in Tony Petrello’s life are his wife Cynthia and his daughter Carena who was born with a condition known as perventricular leukomalacia (PVL). This is usually caused by an illness such as a high fever to an infant and causes permanent brain damage, and in Carena’s case it triggered cerebral palsy and took a heavy toll on Petrello and his wife. When told by some of the world’s best doctors that there was currently no cure for PVL, he dedicated his philanthropy to helping find one. Petrello found out about a new research facility setup at the Texas Children’s Hospital, and he came to know its founders Dan and Jan Duncan. Together, the Duncans and the Petrellos decided to host a fundraiser event during which Petrello donated $7 million to bring in advanced research equipment to the institute. He’s become passionate about spreading the word to other business executives and hoping they too will pitch in to help young children affected by PVL and other disorders.


Securus Technologies Is The Leading Wireless Containment Provider

Securus Wireless Containment Technology


Customers interact over a trusted network with accredited crime prevention initiatives with Securus Technologies. Their advanced technology allows the reduction of paperwork, securing a correctional facility, and preventing the use of illegal contraband. The threat of illegal cellphone use in a correctional facility is a breeding ground for crime and must go beyond incarceration says, Rick A. Smith, business professional and CEO, of Securus Technologies. Securus answered the call for interactive calling features by being one of the first to respond with a proven solution. The current facilities using the technology have given it a go.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has been proudly established since 1975. Starting out as a inmate regulator has prompted them to use their technology as a go-to solution to solve crime. Trust your technology provider to give you the benefits of a truly affordable quality network with Securus Technologies. Many current provides lack their technology solutions ad customer support says, PRN News. Winning the Gold Stevie Award and set the bar for their customer service operatives associated with their network. Many features have been the first to be associated with inmate technology.


Securus Introduces Nationwide Technology


Fortunately, an certification 1 awarded to Securus will make international calls available to inmates. Overseas inmates suffer from a reliable telecommunications method to call home and many Americans are left without access to family and friends in the states. Get a great way to stay connected to your loved ones forced to endure a correctional institute overseas. Securus gives their customers more reasons to switch to their superior network of services. Choose Securus today by visiting their site online or get help with an existing account by getting help from a friendly trained Securus IT professional.


Securus Technologies Features


Kiosk System


Securus wants inmates to have access to thief funds at all times. When a facility needs to draft an inmates account for restitution on institution fractions, it’s as easy as deducting the funds from their account. They get a state issued card an have access to their technology discreetly with technology being used on the outside.


Inmate Voicemail


An inmate voicemail gives customers the option of paying a small fee to leave a voicemail in an inmates access account. Their voicemail allows an inmate to prepare for a hearing or hear the voice of their child. If you pay a small fee, your message will then be monitored and delivered to your friend or love one.


Enjoy popular Securus Technologies features directly from their website. Become a part of a happy family of friends and love ones who prefer a quality reliable network with Securus.


Fagali’l Airport – Small In Size But Big In Service

Airports are an important and popular mode of transportation to get from one place to another. Even the small public airports stay busy and see their share of heavy traffic. This even includes foreign airports such as the one on the island of Samoa.

This particular airport – the Fagali’l Airport – is near Apia, the capital of Samoa. For being such a small airport (and having a runway of only 2,198 feet), it is quite busy especially now that tourists are starting to visit Samoa more.

At one point, Fagali’l Airport wasn’t always open to tourists or the public. As per the Samoan government, it was closed in 2005 because of safety concerns and the noise of the airport. It was reopened in 2009 after a scrupulous makeover to accommodate for the community’s safety and peace.


Now that Fagali’l Airport is open, it has slowly attracted more tourists than before. In order for Fagali’l Airport to satisfy their tourists and travelers, they have a small souvenir and food shop inside the airport plus a larger one across the street. There are also plenty of taxis and buses if the tourists and travelers are in need of them.

Since Fagali’l Airport is a small scale airport, they will continuously run their two airlines according to Because of this, these two airlines – Talofa Airways and Polynesian Airlines – will run their flights only during the day as the larger airports run their flights at night.

In conclusion, as Fagali’l Airport continues to be a small scale airport, it will continue attracting and serving its travelers and tourists while keeping its community happy. This hopefully will attract more travelers and tourists in the future. Although Fagali’l Airport is a small airport on a small island, their effort to accommodate the needs of their customers and community shows just how big of an airport they are – in satisfaction and service.


Doe Deere – article recap

One of the most provocative makeup brand is Limecrime. The makeup defies all rules with its bright colors. Many people love Limecrime and their products are known as unicorn. The queen of unicorns is Doe Deere, the founder. People love the bright color choices and want to stand out against others in a crowd.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York when she was 17 years of age. She grew up in Russia, but once in New York, her dreams turned to becoming a musician. Her career in makeup started with her esteemed lessons that she learned in her music career. Doe learned marketing skills from her music career, which she still uses those skills in her makeup business. She appreciated it when people showed up for her music events and she appreciates her valued customers who buy her makeup.


Her business and personal life were discussed in an interview by Guest of a Guest. Doe stated that even as a kid she loved the businesses world. As young as 13, she sold temporary tattoos. She would wear tattoos just so her classmates would think they were cool and buy them from her collection. That was the beginning of her selling career.


Doe went on to tell Guest of a Guest that she met her husband while working in a band in New York. Her husband was in the same band. He has now changed his career and is the president of Limecrime. Today they share the same similar passions of music and the business of Limecrime.


When she was asked to give advice to other women, Doe said that everyone has something that is unique about them. Individuals need to be in touch with themselves in order to be successful. People need to discover themselves and develop their special skills and they will succeed. When asked about how she came up with the name for her company, she said she needed a name for her EBay store. She now sees her name as unique and easy to find online.


Doe Deere founded her company Limecrime, in 2008. She had searched all over for bright colors to match her overly bright clothes and could find very little available. With nothing bright enough for her tastes, Doe decided she might as well take the chance and develop her own line of makeup. She wanted intensely pigmented makeup that would be bright and cheerful.


She had already had products on EBay and added her bright colors of makeup to her existing line. With the knowledge she learned from FIT and her valued career experiences, she marketed her business. Doe Deere’s company now produces eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polish and has added colorful hair dyes to her collection. Learn more:


Self-Made magazine has named Doe Deere as one of the most Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs since she founded Limecrime. Doe said she was always a hardcore color artist. She loved to paint and always loved the bright colors even as a kid. At a young age, she wore bright clothes and added colorful accessories. Doe is now one of the most influential individuals in the world of makeup today.

Shafik Sachedina, Chairman of Sussex Healthcare

     Dr. Shafik Sachedina began life in Tanzania. Later, he moved with his beloved family to Britain in order to get a better education. He then acquired his dental degree after years of study. Now, Dr. Sachedina is helping residential patients at Sussex Healthcare private care homes where he is acting joint chairman. His extensive medical background allows Dr. Sachedina a better insight into the type of care that residents living at a Sussex Health care home require. He is responsible for many operating decisions, and he looks for ways to improve on this businesses phenomenal care treatments and other provisions.

Families are amazed at how beautiful and warm the environment within a Sussex Healthcare facility appears. Everything from the furnishings, food menus, private areas and more look homey and comfortable. There are often spectacular gardens or other nicely landscaped grounds for residents to enjoy. Families and residents can decorate their private spaces with mementos from home. There are memory boxes located in the dementia care home that can help residents retain the memory that they still have. The interior designs of these care homes are gorgeous. There are generally a variety of activities that residents can get involved with. Even off site trips are taken to participate in special community occasions.

With 20 successful Sussex Healthcare homes, Shafik has a lot to keep up with. This healthcare provider also offers palliative and respite care for those in the community that need extra care. One facility is for younger adults that have disabilities. Every resident living in the Sussex Healthcare sites deserves respectful care and the highest level of professional care. Dr. Shafik Sachedina ensures that fun activities are available so that residents can keep their minds and bodies active. He is adamant that residents should live up to their true potential.

Sussex Healthcare began as a small operation in 1985. Today, this fabulous healthcare provider has 20 different care home sites. Medical, nursing, physical therapy and more are provided to each resident that may require these services. State-of-the-art equipment and other technologies keeps this old-fashioned homey environment up to date.

Securus Technologies Now an Integral Part of Crime Prevention

The story about how Securus Technologies became an integral of crime prevention comes from the most unlikely of sources. The prison in our city recently was having issues with violence between inmates and corrections officers. The overcrowded conditions in the jail seemed to spill over in violence towards officers, and it was only getting worse as the months would pass.


To deal better with violence in jail, they began working with Securus Technologies to try to eliminate the problem before it got worse. Securus Technologies developed a telephone monitoring system that would replace the need for officers to be inside a call center listening to the inmates when they were using the house telephones. Now those officers could be on the grounds and up close with the inmates awaiting alerts from the LBS software pertaining to issues concerning drugs, violence, or weapons.


Securus Technologies has been in this business a while, and over those years they have already installed the same call monitoring type systems in thousands of jails. Thanks in part to the success in a drop of violent crimes in the jail, that success began to spill over to outside agencies like the one I am a part of. We were on the hunt for a very dangerous fugitive who was suspected in a number of violent crimes but always seems to be one step ahead of us. This suspect had a huge underground network of friends and family helping keep him out of sight.


One day, the Securus Technologies monitoring system picked up on chatter by an inmate talking about our suspect to his sister. He must have slipped because up to now, she was never on our radar. Days later, we caught our suspect in her house trying to stay off our radar to no avail.


The Real Hospitality Of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is now one of the most decorated entrepreneurs in the world, mostly known for his role when it comes to hotels.

Shiraz was even honored with the “Hotelier of the Year” award at the Asian Business Awards 2016. Back in the 90s, Shiraz started to develop limited service branded hotels in the UK. He went on to do over 25 more of this kind of projects. He is now the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group and is responsible for the group’s strategy on growth and other projects. Splendid Hospitality Group now has twenty trading hotels which includes the 336 bedroom Holiday Inn at Wembley, the 292 bedroom at Hilton London Bankside, The Grand Hotel & Spa at Yok, and the 256 bedroom at Conrad London St. James.

Shiraz Boghani is not just a dynamic Entrepreneur; he is also a Philanthropist who has a passion for helping and giving back to the community. Aside from being the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, he is also the co-founder of the Sussex Health Care. An award-winning care center and support services with more than 25 years of providing Sussex healthcare. Sussex Health Care not just provides enough care, they also understand the leisure activities that each person needs in order to maintain a healthy balance of physical and mental health.

Shiraz Boghani also has held various senior positions in the Ismaili Community; he was also a member of the National Council, Resource Development Convener for the Aga Khan University, and the Chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration board.

With all these success, Shiraz never fails to look back to where he came from. He was originally from Kenya, and went to the United Kingdom in 1969. He started his career as an accountant in a small firm of Chartered Accountants, and after that, he moved to Thomson McLintock & Co or KPMG.

Having won the “Hotelier of the Year” award, Shiraz is a highly influential entrepreneur in the market, and his property development skills have generated many successful hotels and businesses, and even his work with the Splendid Hospitality Group has changed many lives during the years he’s been with the group.

Nowadays, Shiraz’ Splendid Hospitality Group is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. This shows the forward-thinking and innovative business acumen of Shiraz Boghani who plans to lead the group to new heights, and a constant necessity to innovate and create.

Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere has always been an unusual woman, but for the best of reasons. She always believed that makeup and fashion are great ways to define yourself, and they are things she has used to express herself. She always had a love for being an entrepreneur. Even at the age of thirteen she started selling fake tattoos, and sold clothes on eBay. She has always been unique in her sense of style. You can definitely get a sense of her uniqueness in her work and even by her purple hair and bold style of makeup.

Doe always had a love for bright and bold colored makeup, but she always had trouble finding them. She often searched for bright colored eyeshadow and lipstick and when she couldn’t find it, she decided to make her. This is what inspired the creative Doe Deere, to make her own makeup line. She created a successful makeup line called ‘Limecrime.’

Limecrime is a very unique makeup brand that has been a huge hit. Limecrime first came out with matte liquid lipsticks that everyone fell in love with. The matte lipstick was their most successful product. The lipstick stayed on for a long time and didn’t crumble. They came in several different neutral and even bold colors. Now Limecrime has came out with a variety of different products that are all bold and have unique names. Limecrime sells lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter, nail polish, fake nails, and they now sell semi permanent hair dye. Their new hair dye has been a big hit. They sell several different colors including pink, green, blue, orange, grey, and many more. Limecrime was skeptical about having an all-online makeup brand at first, but as soon as it launched it was a hit. Several different companies even copied this idea due to the massive amount of success that Lime crime received. Learn more:

Limecrime is also vegan and cruelty free. They also have some absolutely stunning new makeup brushes which are made of a liquid glitter, and the case for the brushes is made the same way. It comes with seven different brushes which are all pink and shiny. This makeup is so unique and bold. The creator of this magnificent brand, Doe Deere truly has a heart and passion for makeup and how it allows a person to express their self. Doe oversees all of her makeup because she knows if she won’t wear it, then her customers might not either. Learn more:

Learn How Mike Baur Has Helped Boost Entrepreneurship In Switzerland

As a respected entrepreneur in Switzerland, Mike Baur has continued to offer support to upcoming entrepreneurs in the country. His career in entrepreneurship began in 2014 after he left a career in banking, a move many thought was not so wise. His dream to become a successful entrepreneur gave him the drive to move into the world of entrepreneurship with a lot of energy, and when he made that decision in 2014, he came up with an idea to build an incubation facility where young entrepreneurs would submit their ideas for incubation.


The Swiss Startup Factory has been ranked as the most notable incubation facility in Switzerland due to its key role in supporting young talent and ensuring aspiring entrepreneurs get the support they need to make their dreams a reality. Before Mike Baur reached this decision, he was working as a banker in a career that was at the peak of success.


As a young boy growing up in Fribourg, Mike Baur had aspirations to become a banker. He admired the career and thought he would do well if he pursued banking, and this is the motivation that led him to choose a business course when he joined Rochester University. Upon graduating in 1991, he applied for a job at the Union Bank of Switzerland, and as a measure to gauge his skills, the bank offered him an opportunity to work as an apprentice. Few months after working under these terms, his talent was spotted and he got employed.


Mike Baur worked with the bank for more than 15 years. He left in 2008 to find new opportunities and just weeks after this decision, he was employed by Clariden Leu to hold a high-ranking position. Mike worked with Clariden Leu for about six years before he finally decided to leave banking altogether. Although his career was at the peak of its success, he decided to leave to try his hand in entrepreneurship.


His first step was investing in startups, but this did not seem as efficient as an approach, so he launched the Swiss Startup Factory, which ran a program for mentoring talented startups. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has given many startups an opportunity to rise, and due to his contribution to supporting these entrepreneurs, he is regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and a supporter of the growth of entrepreneurship in the country.


Dr. David Samadi Launches a Live Broadcast Show

     David B. Samadi is among the best robotic prostate surgeons that exist in the world. Samadi is a certified urologist and works at Lenox Hill Hospital, where he treats and diagnoses kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer as well as other urologic diseases. He was born in Iran where he grew up before moving to Belgium with his brother following the rise of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. He moved with his brother to Belgium and went on with his education there.

He went to London and then to the US where he finished high school. After getting done with high school, he joined Stony Brook University and got a biochemistry degree. In Stony Brook, he studied under a full scholarship. He then obtained an M.D in medicine from S.U.N.Y. Due to the interest he had in medicine, he still proceeded with his studies in the field at Montefiore Medical Centre. Here he studied his speciality-Urology. Still, he went to Albert Einstein College of Medicine and studied proctology. David is now an associate in both the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association.

At the beginning of this month of September 2017, Dr. Samadi announced that he will be hosting a live broadcast which is focused on keeping viewers updated on the most recent medical news as well as the rising health issues. This informative broadcast will be of great value to the society since it will also be offering treatment tips for various conditions. The live broadcast will go under the name ‘Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.’

The program will air from 12:30 PM ET every Sunday of the week. Individuals who are interested in watching what Dr. Samadi has to say should tune into Facebook, YouTube live, Twitter or view it through The broadcast is expected to feature a number of guests; medical specialists, health and wellness specialists, and other experts from other fields of medicine. These people will be discussing health topics that are of great interest to the public.

On the show, the specialists will answer the important questions raised by the viewers as they expound further on the topic concerned. The health topics that will be mainly covered revolve around food and dieting, women’s and men’s health, exercise, common diseases, sexual health, and prostate health. Dr. Samadi has requested medical specialists to contact him through his office number-212-365-5000 so that viewers can get maximum insight on the health issues that affect them.

For more,