Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Emergency Room Visits for Non-Urgent Cases is Tremendously Increasing

Healthcare industry is one of the most critical sectors that the government and the private sector in the United States and other parts of the world. In recent times, there has been tremendous media coverage of the problems facing the industry some of which include lack of the required number of doctors and the human resource to help the increasing number of patients. However, there is a problem that is affecting the healthcare sector without much public attention. Recently, there have been concerns that a large number of individuals in the country are choosing to seek their medical intervention in the emergency department for health care issues that are not emergency, as described in medical terms.

It has been reported by various research studies that as much as a third of all he united states citizens who go to seek medical assistance seek medical attention in the emergency department as opposed to seeking their medical assistance in the other department that caters for individuals who don’t need emergency medical care. The National Public Radio published these findings in 2016, and this information has gone further to be seconded by the findings of other experts in the industry such as Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, an emergency medicine expert who operates in Miami, Florida.

According to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, the aspect of patients seeking their medical attention in the emergency department for non-emergent medical issues has been there for a more extended period. However, the problem has not been so rampant to attract public attention as it is doing today. However, not many people in the public sector realize that this is a serious problem, except for people working in the medical industry. Members of the public might not be in a position to determine whether a person needs emergency medical attention and this can only be realized by the doctors who are required to provide medication.

According to the American Journal of Managed Care, the issue has been there since 1990. Only a few people have been visiting the emergency department, but now, the number seems to be increasing to a higher rate than many medical practitioners had anticipated. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has a feeling that the number of patients in need of emergency care for medical cases that are not emergent is likely to be higher than the number of people looking for medical support for family care medical services. This is a trend that both the government and private entity have to address before it goes out of hand.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel records that 37% of all patients needing medical support in the emergency room, in Miami, Florida, did not have emergency cases to be addressed by the physicians. The challenge is that the doctors have to examine why individuals are seeking medical support in the emergency room for cases that are not urgent but they have not found a conclusive solution to the problem. According to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, there are so many research studies that have been conducted to determine what is leading to this new trend in the medical industry and the findings will offer the best alternative for formulating the best remedy.